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The main purpose of my photographs is to show the beauty of nature and the individualism of a man, from two coexisting worlds. Emotions are the fundamental stimuli to take a photo at a given moment. They define the photograph from beginning to end. This amazing state of mental agitation shapes the entire process of creating an image. Feelings are enchanted in moment, when photographer sees the perfect frame in the landscape, as well as in fractions of a second, when photographing people. A good photo will always carry emotions, that should reach the recipient. Therefore, sensitivity is nothing but a compass, that combined with a bit of technical knowledge, can give us an impressive effects, transferred to photo paper or canvas. Thus, this is the most important tool for me when taking pictures.


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At Verden Foto I am involved in photoshoots styling and general graphic design. I oversee the process of creating Photoalbums and other prints. I run the Customer Service and Social Media department, where I edit blog entries. I am passionate about good cuisine and exotic travels.

Photography, as a language of perception, is nothing more than a means of expression. It bridges the gap between spoken and written language, which is a great method of communication around the world. The most amazing fact is, that we can put several photographers in front of one object, and still each of them will take a different photo. Everything is a matter of individual gaze on the subject and sensitivity towards light.


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