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Photo prints

Print on demand

Print on cotton canvas

All photos from Verden Foto can be ordered in the form of prints, on cotton canvas or photo paper. We offer the highest print quality, on high-end PREMIUM cotton canvas 360g. Due to pigment inks, the print has long-term durability. The print is also safe, eco-friendly, and resistant to moisture. Properly prepared and printed canvas are stretched on the painting loom. The images are ready to hang, as soon as you receive your shipment. Photo images creates the perfect complement for home’s interior design, or company’s office decoration.

Price list of canvas prints- images from Gallery

40x40cm-200 zł
40x50cm-220 zł
40x60cm-240 zł
50x50cm-260 zł
50x70cm-290 zł
60x60cm-300 zł
60x80cm-320 zł
60x90cm-340 zł
70x100cm-350 zł
80x120cm-400 zł
100x150cm-500 zł

Price list of canvas prints- images from photoshoot

40x40cm-100 zł
40x50cm-120 zł
40x60cm-140 zł
50x50cm-160 zł
50x70cm-190 zł
60x60cm-200 zł
60x80cm-220 zł
60x90cm-240 zł
70x100cm-250 zł
80x120cm-300 zł
100x150cm-400 zł

print on demand

Print on photo paper

We print photos on high-quality PREMIUM 310g photographic paper, with the certificate of archivisation. Pigment printing provides resistance to moisture, exceptional color reproduction and long-term durability. The photo can be framed and placed in the room as an elegant decoration. If you are a fan of classic accessories, it is worth choosing black and white photographs, showing, for example, the architecture. For relaxation interiors, we offer nature images full of peace and harmony. The paintings gives the interior a character and an unusual atmosphere. It is worth choosing one style of images, that will dominate the interior. In case of several types, compose them accordingly.

Price list of paper prints- images from gallery

40x40cm-150 zł
40x50cm-160 zł
40x60cm-180 zł
50x50cm-200 zł
50x70cm-230 zł
60x60cm-240 zł
60x80cm-260 zł
60x90cm-280 zł

price list of paper prints- images from photoshoot

40x40cm-50 zł
40x50cm-60 zł
40x60cm-80 zł
50x50cm-100 zł
50x70cm-130 zł
60x60cm-140 zł
60x80cm-160 zł
60x90cm-180 zł

individual project

Photo album

Photo albums and photo books are the elegant and unique luminaires of your memories. Each album is professionally designed and individually tailored, to the type and climate of the photos. Thanks to the sewn fabric frame, photo album look really phenomenal. Albums have the possibility of personalization, i.e. matching the format, color, type of fabric and engravings on the cover. Photo album is a handmade product, with attention to the smallest detail. In addition, the album has rigid cards, so you can return to it after years, recalling beautiful moments. The photo books, have soft, double-sided printed pages, glued at the back of the card. At Verden Foto we can create a product to meet your expectations and budget. You will be happy to show your albums to your loved ones, friends, children and even grandchildren.

Price list of Photo albums

Foto album Basic 10 pages
15x15cm-120 zł
20x20cm-178 zł, Addition page 7 zł
20x30cm-234 zł, Addition page 10 zł
25x25cm-266 zł, Addition page 11 zł
25x35cm-298 zł, Addition page 13 zł
30x30cm-282 zł, Addition page 14 zł
Extras: personalization methods: UV print / engraver / window / rounded edges
The above price list is only indicative.
Detailed pricing will be presented after determining the number of pages, type of paper,
type of fabric, personalization and the date of completion.

Price list of photo books

Photo book Basic 10 pages
20x20cm- 150 zł
20x30cm- 200 zł
30x30cm-220 zł
30x40cm-250 zł
Photo book Economy 30 pages
A4- 130 zł
20x20cm- 130zł
30x30cm- 150 zł
The above price list is only indicative.
Detailed pricing will be presented after determining the number of pages,
type of paper, type of fabric, personalization and the date of completion.


Photo prints

We can print photographs on the following types of paper:
Gloss(flash PRO)- glossy paper, with smooth structure, well reflecting contrasts.
Lustre(mat PRO)- paper with a fine, grainy structure. It is resistant and resistant to mechanical damage and slight scratches, and no fingerprints are visible on it. It reproduces natural colors well.
Silk – the actual semi-matte, with a thicker texture than the mat. Resistant to fingerprints and scratches, retaining delicate contrasts and smooth tonal transitions.
For prints we also offer an fabric or wooden box.

Price list of classic prints

Paper Silk, Lustre, Gloss
10x15cm- 1 zł
13x18cm- 2 zł
13x19cm- 2,5 zł
15x23cm- 3 zł
20x30cm-6 zł

foto wydruki
foto wydruki

foto wydruki
foto wydruki

foto wydruki